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‘From the first moment I met Andrew I knew I was in safe hands. He meticulously analysed every aspect of my lifestyle, my diet, eating habits, stress triggers, and existing fitness. He then developed a personal programme which built on and improved all these areas. Six months on, I no longer have a bloated stomach. I have dropped a dress size and am fitter, healthier and happier than I have ever been. It is the personal touches which put Andrew in a different class to other personal trainers such as the motivating text message the morning after a hard workout. Andrew is such fun; he is always cheerful during our sessions. Training with Andrew is never a chore in fact it is a privilege. My weekly personal training sessions are the best investment and choice I have made in a long time.’

Claire T

It’s entirely fair to say that the transformation in my shape and fitness levels is down to Andrew. Without Andrew, the truth is that my motivation to exercise would be zero. Knowing that he will be there at my side encouraging, explaining, smiling, hiding (when he knows it’s one of the exercises I don’t exactly relish but which is definitely good for me); not forgetting the quiet but continuous monitoring of form, posture and breathing, and the confidence he instils in me to achieve-it’s a winning combination. Andrew in turn knows that his day would be bereft without my jokes! A winning team!

Sharon P

It is no exaggeration to say that Andrew has changed my life have lost in excess of 20kg over the last three years and my friends would have laughed at me if said I was going to run for half an hour without stopping, now it’s no problem.

Graham F






Your rest periods between training are just as important as the sessions themselves.