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After your initial consultation you will undergo The Kinetic Chain Assessment (KCA), all new clients undergo the KCA. The assessment is administered to check your posture, muscle and joint function. From this a programme will be designed.

For more information on the KCA click here.

Being a certified CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Consultant I will use a holistic approach to attaining your dietary requirements and the principals of Metabolic Typing to enhance and optimise your health and well being. What I prescribe with regard to your diet and exercise routine sets the standard of what a Health & Lifestyle Specialist needs you to adhere to with respect of optimising your health and sense of well being.

We will monitor your eating habits with the use of a diet diary with which you will record all that you eat and at what time.

Together we will make the necessary changes to help you optimise your health.

We will use goal setting to work towards the ideal you. With a constructive well planned structure we will motivate, invigorate and move you towards a new optimised level of health and wellness.